SWAG Tubing Roller 'HULK'
SWAG Tubing Roller 'HULK'
SWAG Tubing Roller 'HULK'
SWAG Tubing Roller 'HULK'
Part Number: HULK

SWAG Tubing Roller 'HULK'

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SWAG Tubing Roller "HULK"

The HULK is 100% designed, machined, formed, manufactured & assembled in the USA.

We currently offer 76 different die sizes compatible with round tube, round pipe, and square tubing. We also have a full line of unique dies for rolling flat bar, handrail cap, rectangular tubing, and square tubing in a diamond profile. In addition, we also offer a full line of Delrin dies in round tube, round pipe, and square sizes. Delrin dies are well suited for aluminum, copper, brass, and chrome finishes where abrasion or scratches on the material surface are not acceptable.

We use heat-treated 4340 chromoly for both the non-drive die axles as well as the center drive axle. The center drive dies are fully keyed to the drive axle to ensures smooth operation and a solid connection. Weighing in at 80 pounds, this machine is a real beast!

If you have any experience rolling tubing, you know that most machines have a few main issues; the material twisting as it is rolled and how difficult it is to make repeatable bends. We have addressed the first issue by implementing several key design features. The 4340 chromoly non-drive axles are machined down to a tolerance of +/-.003” and two adjustable shaft collars on each axle are used to keep the dies perfectly centered between the ¼” thick steel frame plates. This prevents any side to side play that can cause the material to corkscrew as it is roller.

The second cause of material twisting is play in the center drive yoke. There are several large radius rollers on the market that use a cast steel yoke or a formed piece of steel to hold the center drive roller in place. Unfortunately, cast and formed parts will never be perfectly square or straight. When the center yoke is not square, the drive die tends to contact the material you are rolling with uneven pressure, thus pushing your material to one side, and causing it to twist. The center drive yoke on the HULK is made of 3 pieces of ¾” thick steel which have been fully machined and bolted together to ensure a perfectly flat and square yoke. This means the downward force that the drive die exerts on the material is always straight down, thus preventing any twisting as you roll and helping to prevent irregular material deformation.

Another often overlooked issue many people experience when rolling tube is the challenge of creating repeatable radius bends. The HULK includes a high-quality digital read out height gauge that measures downward travel of the center drive die, making it easier to create the same arc over and over. To use the DRO, place your material in the roller then “zero” the height gauge when the drive die is barely touching the material. Roll one piece of material to the desired radius and record the location of the outer dies as well as the measurement displayed on the digital read out. If you need to create the same part in the future from the same material, just put the non-drive dies in the same location and roll until the DRO gives you the correct measurement. Easy!

Most rollers on the market use a large top-screw to apply downward pressure on the material and cause it to form a radius. Tightening the top screw can be quite difficult when working with thick-walled material or square tubing in general. The HULK uses a 2-ton bottle jack. This makes applying smooth, consistent downward force much easier. The 2-ton bottle jack is bolted to the top of the drive yoke to prevent any movement while under load and ensure it is always perfectly centered over your material.

To ensure smooth operation, all of the dies ride on high-quality roller bearing. The 3-way adjustable manual handle can be unbolted and replaced with an electric pipe threader that is available from Harbor Freight. Their pipe threader (item #62203) is an easy, simple to install add on that will take the cumbersome and tedious chore of rolling thick-walled tubing and turn it into an almost completely hands-free operation.

With its powered coated steel frame, internally threaded aluminum spacers, green powder coated handle and stainless-steel fasteners, this tubing roller is designed to look as good as it performs. The HULK is sold as shown above, except for the sheet metal base structure which is not included. It comes 90% assembled.

The (4) 3/8" bottom mounting hole locations are 29" x 7.625" on center. The total footprint of the base plate is 30" x 8.625".


The machine sells for $899.95. Dies can be purchased using the list above or by themselves. Each die size includes one drive roller and two non drive rollers. You will not need a replacement drive axle since one comes with the tubing roller by default. We have over 1000 die sets on the shelf and 99.9% of the time we have every die size in stock ready to ship out the same day.


Optional Accessories

SWAG Machined Drive Hub For The Electric Pipe Threader


If you're looking to speed up the assembly process and don't want to weld the 1/2" pipe threading die that comes with the Harbor Freight pipe threader kit to the tube roller drive axle, we now sell a fully machined drive hub that will allow you to easily attach the pipe threader to the drive axle. The 1/2" pipe threading die is not sold individually through Harbor Freight so once it is welded in place you are not able to take it off if/when you need to use the tool as it was originally intended for. We also sell the tubing roller drive axle that is machined out of 4130 chromoly steel.

The machined drive hub will need to be tack welded to the drive axle, as set screws and or key ways have a tendency to come loose under the high torque loads and the constant back and forth motion of the pipe threader. This machined hub will fit both the HULK tube roller as well as the Harbor Freight tube roller.


SWAG 3-D Printed Thumb Knob For Bottle Jack


Spare Non-Drive Die Axle Kit
If you're planning on changing dies frequently, having a few Non-Drive Die Axle kits will definitely come in handy. Though the Hulk comes with one set, some people prefer to have a kit for each die set they own. That way, there is no more messing with die centering or re-tightening shaft collar set screws. You can get your dies set perfectly on their axles and then all you have to do to change dies is pull the old ones out and drop the new ones into place. Each kit comes with two non-drive die axles, four bearings, four shaft collars, and all of the appropriate hardware. If you would like to order more than one kit, they are available HERE.


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